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良い, 好い, 善い, 佳い, 吉い, 宜い, よい, えい
See いい・1, also いい (all senses)
1. good, excellent, fine, nice, pleasant, agreeable
See いい・2
2. sufficient, enough, ready, prepared
See いい・3
3. profitable (deal, business offer, etc.), beneficial
See いい・4, as て(も)良い, と(も)良い, etc.; indicates permission or compromise
4. OK, all right, no problem
Suffix, after the -masu stem of a verb
5. easy to ...
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どうでもいい, どうでも良い, どうでもよい
Expression, Usually in kana
1. inconsequential, indifferent, not worth worrying about, trivial
2. whatever, whichever, I don't care
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かっこいい, 格好いい, 格好良い, カッコ良い, かっこ良い, かっこよい, かっこういい, カッコイイ, カッコいい
Usually in kana
attractive, good-looking, stylish, cool, smooth, neat, with-it, groovy
方がいい, 方が良い, ほうが良い, 方がよい, ほうがいい, ほうがよい
Expression, after past tense verb
1. had better ...
See した方がいい, after negative verb
2. had better not ...
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良い, 着よい, きよい
comfortable to wear
良い, いい線, 好い線, いいせん
Expression, See いい線いってる, usu. as いい線(を)いく, いい線(を)いってる, etc.
(on the) right track
ていい, て良い, てよい
Expression, See てもいい・1, Usually in kana, after the ren'youkei form of a verb
1. indicates concession or compromise
See てもいい・2
2. indicates permission
良い, よい頃, 良いころ, よいころ
Expression, See いい頃・いいころ
high time, about time
見目良い, みめよい
良い旅を, よい旅を, よいたびを
bon voyage!, have a nice trip!
聞き良い, ききよい
pleasant to listen to
根の良い, こんのいい, こんのよい
enduring, persevering
性の良い, 性のよい, 性のいい, しょうのよい, しょうのいい
1. good-natured, kind
2. good-quality
なお良い, 尚良い, 尚よい, 尚いい, 猶良い, なおいい, なおよい
still better, even better
品の良い, 品のいい, 品のよい, ひんのいい, ひんのよい
refined, genteel, graceful, decent
良い天気, よい天気, いい天気, よいてんき, いいてんき
fine weather, fair weather
より良い, よりよい
superior, better
仲の良い, 仲のいい, 仲のよい, なかのよい, なかのいい
close (e.g. in terms of relationship), intimate
良いこと, 良い, 好い事, 好いこと, よいこと
Expression, See いい事・いいこと・1
1. good thing, nice thing
See いい事・いいこと・2, usu. as 〜を良いことに(して)
2. good excuse, good grounds, good opportunity
Interjection, See いい事・いいこと・3, Female term or language
3. interjection used to impress an idea or to urge a response
てもいい, ても良い, てもよい
Expression, Usually in kana, after the ren'yōkei form of a verb
1. indicates concession or compromise
2. indicates permission
質の良い, 質のよい, しつのよい
Expression, Noun or verb acting prenominally, See 質が良い
good-quality, superior in quality
筋の良い, 筋のいい, 筋のよい, すじのいい, すじのよい
having an aptitude (for), having a talent (for)
性が良い, 性がいい, 性がよい, しょうがよい, しょうがいい
1. good-natured, kind
2. good-quality
するがいい, するが良い, するがよい
Expression, Usually in kana
had better ..., may as well ...
格好の良い, 格好のいい, 格好のよい, かっこうのいい, かっこうのよい
attractive, good-looking, stylish, cool
分かり良い, わかりよい
easy to understand
良い旅行を, よい旅行を, よいりょこうを
Expression, See 良い旅を
bon voyage!, have a nice trip!
健康に良い, 健康にいい, 健康によい, けんこうによい, けんこうにいい
good for the health, healthy, wholesome
たちの良い, 質の良い, たちのよい
Expression, Noun or verb acting prenominally, See 質が良い, Antonym: 質の悪い
good-natured, of good character
ノリがいい, ノリが良い, 乗りがいい, のりが良い, 乗りが良い, 乗りがよい, のりがいい, ノリがよい, のりがよい
Expression, Usually in kana
1. good at playing along, up for anything, carefree, social, positive
2. uplifting, upbeat
良いお年を, よいお年を, よいおとしを
Expression, See 良いお年をお迎えください, Abbreviation
have a happy New Year
持ちの良い, 持ちのいい, 持ちのよい, もちのいい, もちのよい
long-lasting, durable, keeping well
キリのいい, キリの良い, 切りの良い, 切りのいい, きりの良い, 切りのよい, きりのいい, キリのよい, きりのよい
Expression, See 切りがいい, Usually in kana
good (place to leave off), convenient