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臭い, くさい
1. stinking, smelly
2. suspicious, fishy
3. clumsy, unskilled
4. smelling of
5. looking like, appearing like, smacking of, -ish
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匂い, 臭い, 匂, におい
臭い usu. has a negative connotation
1. odour, odor, scent, smell, stench
2. aura, whiff, smacks of ..., sense, flavour, flavor
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匂う, 臭う, におう
Conjugated: 臭い
Godan verb, Intransitive, usu. 匂う
1. to be fragrant, to smell (good)
usu. 臭う
2. to stink, to smell (bad)
3. to glow, to be bright
4. to smack of, to show hints of
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, , ,
Particle, at sentence end; used as a request for confirmation or agreement
1. right?, isn't it?, doesn't it?, don't you?, don't you think?
2. hey, say, listen, look, come on
at sentence end; used to express one's thoughts or feelings
3. you know, you see, I must say, I should think
at sentence end; used to make an informal request
4. will you?, please
at the end of a non-final clause; used to draw the listener's attention to something
5. so, ..., well, ..., you understand?
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Expression, See 無い・1, Colloquialism
nonexistent, not being (there), not having