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自然, しぜん
1. nature
2. natural, spontaneous, automatic
Adverb, Adverb taking the 'to' particle
3. naturally, spontaneously, automatically
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自然, じねん
occurring naturally (without human influence)
1. indicates direct object of action
2. indicates subject of causative expression
3. indicates an area traversed
4. indicates time (period) over which action takes place
5. indicates point of departure or separation of action
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墓石, ぼせき, はかいし
tombstone, gravestone
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, おとうと, てい
1. younger brother, little brother, kid brother
Only おとうと, See 義弟・1
2. brother-in-law (spouse's younger brother or younger sister's husband)
Only てい, Archaism
3. pupil, apprentice
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, てい
(small) boat
, てい
low (level, value, price, etc.)
, てい
1. firm adherence to one's principles
2. chastity (of a woman)
, てい
Noun, used as a suffix, Honorific or respectful, usu. after a family name
residence, mansion
, てい, ちん
1. arbor, arbour, bower, pavilion
Only てい, Suffix
2. suffix forming the final part of the pseudonyms of some writers and performers
3. suffix forming the final part of the name of a restaurant
, 態, てい
appearance, air, condition, state, form
, てい, ひのと
Only てい, See 甲乙丙丁
1. fourth rank, fourth class, fourth party (in a contract, etc.)
esp. ひのと
2. fourth sign of the Chinese calendar
See 丁抹・デンマーク, Abbreviation, Rare
3. Denmark
, てい
historical term
1. Di (ancient Chinese ethnic group)
See 二十八宿, See 蒼竜・そうりょう・3, Astronomy term
2. Chinese "root" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
, てい
Mathematics term
1. base (logarithmic, exponential, number system), radix
Geometry term
2. base (triangle, cone, cylinder, etc.)
3. type, kind, extent, degree
, てい
1. respect for one's elders
2. harmony among siblings
, かなえ, てい
historical term
three-legged bronze vessel (used in ancient China)
Suffix, Colloquialism, as in ググる, ミスる, etc.
verb-forming suffix