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腫れ, 脹れ, はれ
swelling, boil
腫れ, 脹れる, はれる
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
to swell (from inflammation), to become swollen
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はれもの, 腫れ, 腫れもの, 腫物
See 腫物・しゅもつ, Usually in kana
tumor, tumour, swelling, boil, abscess
腫れ, 地ばれ, じばれ
Takes suru
swelling (around a wound)
ミミズばれ, ミミズ腫れ, みみず腫れ, 蚯蚓腫れ, 蚯蚓脹れ, みみず脹れ, みみずばれ
Usually in kana
wale (on the skin), welt, weal
腫れ物扱い, はれものあつかい
Takes suru
treating (someone) with great caution (so as not to anger or upset them), handling with kid gloves, treating gingerly
腫れぼったい, 脹れぼったい, はれぼったい
puffy, somewhat swollen
惚れた腫れ, ほれたはれた
Expression, often used mockingly
head over heels, madly (in love)
腫れ上がる, 腫れあがる, 腫上がる, はれあがる
Godan verb, Intransitive
to swell up
腫れ物に触るように, はれものにさわるように
with great caution, gingerly
出物腫れ物所嫌わず, でものはれものところきらわず
Expression, Proverb
when you've got to go, you've got to go, farts and boils aren't choosy about where (or when) to appear