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聞く, 聴く, きく
Conjugated: 聞いた
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to hear
esp. 聴く
2. to listen (e.g. to music)
聴く is used in legal and official contexts
3. to ask, to enquire, to query
4. to hear about, to hear of, to learn of
5. to follow (advice, order, etc.), to obey, to listen to, to comply with
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聞いたか坊主, きいたかぼうず
monk character in kabuki who explains the story of the play
見たり聞いた, みたりきいたり
Expression, Takes suru
seeing and hearing, (from) one's own experiences
利いた風, 聞いた, きいた風, きいたふう
Expression, NA-adjective
flippant, saucy, know-all