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, せい
Noun, used as a prefix
1. Saint, St., S.
2. sacred, holy, pure
, ひじり
1. highly virtuous monk
2. Buddhist solitary
See 高野聖・1
3. Buddhist missionary
4. saint (i.e. a virtuous person)
Archaism, Honorific or respectful
5. emperor
, せいしょ
Bible, the Scriptures, Holy Writ
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, きせい
great master of go, great master of shogi
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, せいち
1. sacred place, holy ground, the Holy Land
2. real-life location used as a setting in a novel, film, anime, etc.
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, しんせい
holiness, sacredness, sanctity, dignity
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, せいいき
May take 'no'
1. sacred precincts, sanctuary, consecrated ground, holy ground
2. issue that is regarded as being off-limits, matter that is not up for discussion
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, せいか
1. sacred fire, sacred flame
See オリンピック聖火
2. Olympic flame, Olympic torch
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, せいせん
holy war, crusade
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, せいどう
(Confucian) temple, church, sanctuary
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職者, せいしょくしゃ
clergyman, churchman, clergy
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, せいじゃ, しょうじゃ
, せいじん
1. saint
orig. meaning
2. wise and virtuous person (esp. in Confucianism), great religious teacher, sage
See 清酒
3. refined sake
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, しょうにん
Buddhist term
1. person on the path to enlightenment
2. Buddha, bodhisattva
See 高僧・1, Honorific or respectful
3. high priest
なる, せいなる
Pre-noun adjectival (rentaishi)
holy, sacred
, せいぼ
1. holy mother, birth mother of a holy man (or woman)
2. Virgin Mary
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, せいれい
the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit
, せいか
May take 'no'
hymn, chant, sacred song
, せいてん
1. sacred scripture, sacred book, holy book, holy writings
2. writings of a sage
, あせい
sage of the second order
, がせい
master painter, great artist
, こせい
ancient sage
, せいしゅう
Holy Week
, せいだん
imperial decision
, せいでん
(Catholic) tradition
, せんせい
ancient sage (esp. Confucius)
, たいせい
great sage
, せいけん
saints and sages
, しょせい
famous or accomplished calligrapher
, しせい
the four great sages (Buddha, Christ, Confucius, Socrates)
, せいじょう
See 天皇・てんのう
the Emperor, His Majesty the Emperor
, せいじつ
holy day, the Sabbath
, せいだい
magnificent imperial reign
, せいし
imperial command