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経験者は語る, けいけんしゃはかたる
take it from me, trust me, I'm talking from experience, word to the wise
来る者は拒まず, くるものはこばまず
Expression, See 去る者は追わず, Proverb
accept one who comes to you
去る者は追わず, さるものはおわず
Expression, See 去る者は追わず、来たる者は拒まず・さるものはおわずきたるものはこばまず, Proverb
do not pursue those who leave you
右に出る者はない, 右に出るものはない, みぎにでるものはない
Expression, Idiomatic expression, from the Chinese custom where the rightmost seat was the seat of honor
being second to none, being in a league of one's own
去る者は日々に疎し, 去る者は日日に疎し, さるものはひびにうとし
Expression, Proverb
1. with time we forget those who have died, out of sight, out of mind
2. friendships fade with distance
足るを知る者は富む, たるをしるものはとむ
Expression, See 足るを知る, Proverb
content is the philosopher's stone, that turns all it touches into gold
鹿を追う者は山を見ず, 鹿を逐う者は山を見ず, しかをおうものはやまをみず
Expression, Proverb
zeal is a bad servant, the person who chases a deer does not see the mountain
生ある者は必ず死あり, 生有る者は必ず死有り, せいあるものはかならずしあり
Expression, Proverb
no mortal escapes death, all men must die, he who has life, certainly has death
落ち武者は薄の穂に怖ず, おちむしゃはすすきのほにおず
Expression, Proverb
when you are in a state of fear, the smallest thing will startle you, a fleeing soldier takes fright even from a head of silver grass
一銭を笑う者は一銭に泣く, いっせんをわらうものはいっせんになく
Expression, See 一円を笑う者は一円に泣く, See 一銭, Proverb
take care of the penny, he who makes fun of one sen will cry at one sen
一円を笑う者は一円に泣く, いちえんをわらうものはいちえんになく
Expression, Proverb
take care of the penny, he who makes fun of one yen will cry at one yen
おぼれる者はわらをもつかむ, おぼれる者は藁をもつかむ, 溺れる者は藁をも掴む, おぼれるものはわらをもつかむ
Expression, Proverb
a drowning man will catch at a straw
二兎を追う者は一兎をも得ず, にとをおうものはいっとをもえず
Expression, Proverb
if you run after two hares you will catch neither
知る者は言わず言う者は知らず, しるものはいわずいうものはしらず
Expression, Proverb
he who knows, does not speak; he who speaks, does not know, those who know do not talk; those who talk do not know
去る者は追わず、来たる者は拒まず, 去る者は追わず来たる者は拒まず, さるものはおわずきたるものはこばまず
Expression, Proverb
do not chase one who leaves, do not reject one who comes
立っているものは親でも使え, 立っている者は親でも使え, たっているものはおやでもつかえ
Expression, Proverb
when dealing with urgent business, make use of whoever is handy
学者バカ, 学者馬鹿, 学者ば, がくしゃバカ, がくしゃばか
person who is book smart but lacking in common sense, person who is book smart but street dumb