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者の, どくしゃのこえ
reader feedback (to author, magazines, etc.), reader's voice, readers' forum, mail from readers
者の, ししゃのしょ
Book of the Dead (ancient Egypt)
者の, けんじゃのいし
philosopher's stone
哲学者の, てつがくしゃのいし
Expression, See 賢者の石
philosopher's stone
者の塗油, びょうしゃのとゆ
Anointing of the Sick
者の一灯, 貧者一灯, ひんじゃのいっとう
Expression, yojijukugo
one's mite, widow's mite, one lantern from a poor man (i.e. no-one can give more than the only thing they have)
者の不養生, いしゃのふようじょう
Expression, Idiomatic expression
failing to practice what one preaches
利用者の登録, りようしゃのとうろく
Computer terminology
user registration
利用者の認証, りようしゃのにんしょう
Computer terminology
user authentication
引かれ者の小唄, ひかれものこうた
Expression, Idiomatic expression
putting on a brave front, pretending one doesn't care, song of a convict on their way to prison
律義者の子沢山, 律儀者の子沢山, りちぎもののこだくさん
Expression, Proverb
the morally righteous are blessed with many children
無精者の一時働き, ぶしょうもののいっときばたらき
Expression, Proverb
the ambition of the lazy does not last
第三者のためにする契約, だいさんしゃのためにするけいやく
Expression, Law term
third party beneficiary contract