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習い, ならい
as is habit, the way life normally is
習う, ならう
Conjugated: 習い
Godan verb, Transitive
to take lessons in, to be taught, to learn (from a teacher), to study (under a teacher), to get training in
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習い, 見習, みならい
1. apprenticeship, probation, learning by observation
May take 'no'
2. apprentice, trainee, probationer
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習い, ならいしょう
ingrained habit, second nature
習い, 手習, てならい
Takes suru
1. practice writing with a brush
2. study, learning
世の習い, 世のならい, よのならい
the way of the world, the lay of the land, the inescapable circumstances (of life)
習い, 習いごと, ならいごと
accomplishment, lessons (in an art, skill, etc.), practice
行儀見習い, 行儀見習, ぎょうぎみならい
learning good manners through apprenticeship (to an upper-class family)
浮世の習い, うきよのならい
Expression, See 浮世・3
the way of the world, the lay of the land, the inescapable circumstances (of life), (just) the way things are
習い性となる, 習い性と成る, ならいせいとなる
Expression, Godan verb, Proverb
habit is a second nature
六十の手習い, ろくじゅうのてならい
Expression, Idiomatic expression
beginning to learn (something) when one is old, not being too old to learn
八十の手習い, はちじゅうのてならい
Expression, Proverb
you're never too old to learn
性相近し、習い相遠し, 性相近し習い相遠し, せいあいちかしならいあいとおし
Expression, Proverb, from the Analects of Confucius
by human nature we are close, through practice we grow apart, by nature, near together; by practice far apart
家事見習, 家事見習い, かじみならい
apprenticeship in the running of a household, prospective bride who undertakes an apprenticeship to learn housekeeping
見習工, 見習い, みならいこう