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, わ, ば, ぱ
counter for birds, rabbits, etc.
, , はね, は
1. feather, plume, down
2. wing
Only はね
3. blade (of a fan, propeller, etc.)
See シャトル・1
4. shuttlecock (in badminton)
Only 羽根, See 羽子・はご, also written as 羽子
5. shuttlecock (in hanetsuki)
, う
See 五音
fifth degree (of the Japanese and Chinese pentatonic scale)
, 破目, はめ
Only 羽目
1. panel, wainscoting, wainscotting
See 羽目になる
2. plight, fix, bind, awkward situation, difficult situation, mess
, でわ
Dewa (former province located in present-day Yamagata and Akita prefectures), the two former provinces of Uzen and Ugo
, うもう
May take 'no'
feathers, plumage, down
, しらは
white feather
, はごろも, うい
1. angel's raiment, robe of feathers
2. wings of birds or insects, plumage of birds
Only はごろも
3. type of bug
, はおり
haori (Japanese formal coat)
織る, はおる
Godan verb, Transitive, See 羽織
to put on (coat, gown, etc.)
, 1, いちわ
one (bird)
, はご
See 羽根突き
shuttlecock (in hanetsuki)
, はあり, はねあり
winged ant, flying ant
, はた
sea basses, groupers
, うよく
Takes suru
1. wings and feathers
2. assistance, aid, help, someone's right hand
, はぼうき, はねぼうき
feather duster
, 矢, やばね
arrow feathers
, おは
See 尾羽打ち枯らす・おはうちからす
tail and feathers
, 毳, けば
1. fluff, fuzz, nap
2. hachures, hatching
, はかぜ
breeze caused by wings flapping
はねかくし, , 隠翅虫, 隠虫, 隠し, ハネカクシ
Usually in kana
rove beetle
はじらみ, , ハジラミ
Usually in kana
biting louse (any louse of order Mallophaga), chewing louse
, かんう
, 尾, おばね
tail feathers
, かんう
bird's crest
, うかん
See 冠羽
bird's crest
, はじろ
any duck with white specula (bright patches on the wings)
あげは, 揚, アゲハ
See 揚羽蝶, Usually in kana, Abbreviation
swallowtail butterfly (esp. the citrus swallowtail butterfly, Papilio xuthus)
, うじく
(ornithological) rachis
綿, わたばね, めんう
May take 'no'
plumule, down feather
, うへい
calamus, quill
, うべん
vexillum, vane (of a feather)
, うし
barb (of a feather)
さしば, 差, サシバ
Usually in kana
grey-faced buzzard (Butastur indicus), gray-faced buzzard
, はぐるま
See 御羽車
portable shrine used to transport a sacred object
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