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おく, 置く
Conjugated: 置き
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to put, to place
2. to leave (behind)
3. to establish (an organization, a facility, a position, etc.), to set up
4. to appoint (someone to a certain position), to hire, to employ
5. to place (one's trust, one's faith, etc.), to bear (in mind, etc.)
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置き忘れる, 置忘れる, おきわすれる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to leave behind, to misplace, to forget
据え置き, 据置き, すえおき
1. deferment (e.g. of savings), leaving (a thing) as it stands
May take 'no'
2. unredeemed, unredeemable, irredeemable, deferred, stationary
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置き換える, 置きかえる, 置き替える, おきかえる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to replace, to move, to change the position of
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置き去り, 置きざり, 置去り, おきざり
usu. as 置き去りにする
leaving behind, desertion, abandonment
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置き, まえおき
Takes suru
preface, introduction, preamble
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置き, おきがさ
spare umbrella kept (at work) in the event of a sudden shower
置き, 置場, おきば
place to put something, storage space, storehouse, depository, repository, shed, yard
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置き時計, 置時計, おきどけい
clock to be placed on tables, bookshelves, etc. (as opposed to a watch)
置き, 髪置, かみおき
ceremony of allowing the hair to grow at age three
置き, 箸置, はしおき
chopstick rest
置き, おきつち
earth taken from elsewhere and placed atop
置き, おきじ
kanji left unpronounced when reading Chinese
置き, 置床, おきどこ
See 床の間
portable dais used to create a removable tokonoma
置き, 置所, 置きどころ, おきどころ
1. place to put something, place where one put something
See 身の置き所がない, usu. as 身の置き所
2. place to put oneself
おきに, 置き
Expression, Suffix, Usually in kana
repeated at intervals, every other (day, week, month, ...)
置き, かりおき
Takes suru
1. preliminary loading of the (cargo) ship (in preparation for moving cargo around inside the ship)
2. preliminary placement
置き, おきべん
Takes suru
leaving all your textbooks, etc., at school
置き, ふたおき
rest for the lid of a teakettle (tea ceremony)
置き, 置棚, おきだな
shelf that can be moved around, whatnot
置き, おきかた
setting, placement
置き, ひらおき
May take 'no'
horizontally mounted, horizontally parked, placed flat, lay-flat
置き, おきはい
delivery where package is left in front of door or in designated area, safe drop
置き, ししおき
fleshiness, plumpness
置き, のりおき
application of paste (for resist dyeing)
買い置き, 買置き, かいおき
Takes suru
stock (of goods), reserve, supply
一つ置き, ひとつおき
alternate, every other one
一日置き, いちにちおき
every other day
二つ置き, ふたつおき
every third
汲み置き, 汲置き, くみおき
drawn water
石鹸置き, せっけんおき
soap dish or box
置き火燵, 置き炬燵, 置炬燵, 置火燵, おきごたつ
portable brazier