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練習, れんしゅう
Takes suru
practice, training, drill, (an) exercise, workout
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練習, れんしゅうじょう
practice ground
練習, れんしゅうきょく
See エチュード・1, Music term
練習, れんしゅうちょう
exercise book, workbook
練習, れんしゅうせん
school or training ship
練習, もうれんしゅう
hard training
練習, れんしゅうき
trainer aircraft, training plane
練習, れんしゅうじょ
training school or institute
練習, れんしゅうせい
student, trainee
練習, れんしゅうだい
1. practice kit, practice board
See 稽古台・けいこだい・1
2. practice partner, training partner
練習, れんしゅうかい
practice meeting, practice group
演奏練習, えんそうれんしゅう
musical rehearsal
公開練習, こうかいれんしゅう
public workout
練習試合, れんしゅうじあい
See スクリメージ
practice game, practice match, scrimmage, workout
練習不足, れんしゅうぶそく
May take 'no'
lack of training
練習問題, れんしゅうもんだい
exercises, practice problem
反復練習, はんぷくれんしゅう
May take 'no'
practice by repetition, learning by rote
自主練習, じしゅれんしゅう
voluntary training, voluntary practice, free practice
練習相手, れんしゅうあいて
sparring partner
発声練習, はっせいれんしゅう
voice training, vocal exercises
打撃練習, だげきれんしゅう
Baseball term
batting practice
予行練習, よこうれんしゅう
Takes suru, See 予行演習
dry run, rehearsal
タイプ練習, タイプれんしゅう
typing practice
練習を積む, れんしゅうをつむ
Expression, Godan verb
to practice, to practise, to train, to drill, to become practiced, to become practised
練習あるのみ, れんしゅうあるのみ
Expression, Proverb
practice, practice, practice, (only) practice makes perfect