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結果, けっか
Takes suru
1. result, consequence, outcome, effect
2. coming to fruition, bearing fruit
3. as a result, consequently, therefore
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研究結果, けんきゅうけっか
results of a scientific investigation, findings
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結果, ふけっか
failure, poor results
結果, こうけっか
good result, good outcome
結果, けっかてき
concerning the result (as opposed to the means used to achieve this result or the original goal)
この結果, このけっか
consequently, as a result
原因結果, げんいんけっか
cause and effect, causality
調査結果, ちょうさけっか
results (of a study)
投票結果, とうひょうけっか
results of a vote, voting results
開票結果, かいひょうけっか
results of the vote count
最終結果, さいしゅうけっか
end result
実験結果, じっけんけっか
experimental results
結果発表, けっかはっぴょう
publication of results, announcement of results
結果責任, けっかせきにん
responsibility for the consequences, absolute liability, moral responsibility, answerability
関数結果, かんすうけっか
Computer terminology
function result
検索結果, けんさくけっか
Computer terminology
search results
検討結果, けんとうけっか
Computer terminology
results of an investigation
試験結果, しけんけっか
examination results, test result, test outcome
集計結果, しゅうけいけっか
aggregate results, totalled results, collected results
観測結果, かんそくけっか
observation results
結果, けっかろん
hindsight-based opinion
テスト結果, テストけっか
Computer terminology
test results
結果文書型, けっかぶんしょがた
Computer terminology
result document type (of a link)
結果要素型, けっかようそがた
Computer terminology
result element type (of a link)
結果を出す, けっかをだす
Expression, Godan verb
to achieve results, to be successful (in a venture, etc.)
結果オーライ, けっかオーライ
Expression, See オーライ
(turned out) all right in the end
結果の一意名, けっかのいちいめい
Computer terminology
resultant identifier
予見試験結果, よけんしけんけっか
Computer terminology
foreseen test outcome
結果がすべて, 結果が全て, けっかがすべて
Expression, Proverb
only the results matter, it's all about the results
予見外試験結果, よけんがいしけんけっか
Computer terminology
unforeseen test outcome
アンケート結果, アンケートけっか
questionnaire results, survey results
結果から言うと, けっかからいうと
to go straight to the point, to cut it short
結果出力拡張機能, けっかしゅつりょくかくちょうきのう
Computer terminology
extended result output function