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結婚, けっこん
May take 'no', Takes suru
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結婚, けっこんしき
marriage ceremony, wedding, nuptials
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結婚相手, けっこんあいて
1. marriage partner, spouse
2. wife-to-be, husband-to-be, future spouse
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結婚, けっこんうん
one's fate (fortune) as concerns marriage
結婚, けっこんかん
view of marriage, outlook on marriage, attitude towards marriage
結婚指輪, けっこんゆびわ
wedding ring, wedding band
結婚祝い, 結婚, けっこんいわい
wedding present
写真結婚, しゃしんけっこん
See フォトウェディング
1. staged wedding photographs, photo-only wedding, having wedding photography taken without holding an actual wedding
historical term
2. marriage arranged after viewing photographs, picture marriage, photo marriage
二重結婚, にじゅうけっこん
優生結婚, ゆうせいけっこん
eugenic marriage
恋愛結婚, れんあいけっこん
love marriage
血族結婚, けつぞくけっこん
consanguineous marriage
自由結婚, じゆうけっこん
freedom to choose one's marriage partner, parental wishes notwithstanding
政略結婚, せいりゃくけっこん
marriage of convenience, marriage for political reasons
国際結婚, こくさいけっこん
international marriage
神前結婚, しんぜんけっこん
Shinto wedding
近親結婚, きんしんけっこん
consanguineous marriage
集団結婚, しゅうだんけっこん
group wedding
職場結婚, しょくばけっこん
marriage between co-workers
結婚費用, けっこんひよう
wedding expenses
結婚手当, けっこんてあて
marriage allowance
別居結婚, べっきょけっこん
commuter marriage
同性結婚, どうせいけっこん
See 同性婚
same-sex marriage, gay marriage
結婚生活, けっこんせいかつ
May take 'no'
wedded life, married life
社内結婚, しゃないけっこん
marriage between coworkers
強制結婚, きょうせいけっこん
forced marriage
便宜結婚, べんぎけっこん
marriage for convenience
結婚活動, けっこんかつどう
searching for a marriage partner, marriage hunting, activities leading to marriage (e.g. dating, courtship)
契約結婚, けいやくけっこん
contract marriage, marriage by contract
結婚式場, けっこんしきじょう
wedding hall, marriage hall, wedding place, wedding location
貴賤結婚, きせんけっこん
morganatic marriage (marriage of a noble and a commoner that disallows the passage of title, possessions, etc.)
結婚願望, けっこんがんぼう
desire for marriage, marriage aspiration, yearning for marriage
結婚年齢, けっこんねんれい
age at marriage, age at which one marries