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, ちく
Prefix, before a number of years, e.g. 築十年
1. ... years since construction, ... years old (of a building)
Suffix, after a time, e.g. 1980年築
2. built in ...
, けんちく
Takes suru
construction, architecture (of buildings)
, こうちく
Takes suru
construction, building, putting up, erecting, creation, formulation, architecture (systems, agreement, etc.)
, きずく
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to build, to construct, to erect
2. to amass (e.g. fortune), to pile up
, けんちくか
, けんちくぶつ
building, structure
, しんちく
Takes suru, May take 'no'
new building, new construction
, , ついじ
See 築地塀
mud wall with a roof, roofed mud wall
, つきじ
reclaimed land
, かいちく
Takes suru
structural alteration (of a building), reconstruction, rebuilding, remodelling, remodeling
き上げる, きあげる, きずきあげる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to build up, to establish (one's reputation)
, ぞうちく
Takes suru
addition to a building
, けんちくし
authorized architect and builder, licensed architect, registered architect
, けんちくがく
本建, ほんけんちく
permanent construction
, いちく
Takes suru
dismantling a (historic) building and reconstructing it elsewhere
, ちくてい
Takes suru, See 造園
landscape gardening
, ちくあさ
May take 'no'
relatively new (building)
, , ついがき, ついかき, つきがき
See 築地・ついじ, Archaism
mud wall with a roof
, ついひじ
See 築地・ついじ
mud wall with a roof, roofed mud wall
, つきいそ
See 人工魚礁
artificial reef
, ちくぞう
Takes suru
construction, building
, ちくご
Temporal noun (jisoumeishi)
after construction, after building, since construction
再建, さいけんちく
reconstruction, rebuilding
再構, さいこうちく
, けんちくひ
building expenses, construction costs
, けんちくちゅう
under construction
, けんちくぎょう
building industry, construction industry, building trade
, こうちくぶつ
大建, だいけんちく
edifice, monumental architecture, huge building
増改, ぞうかいちく
extension and structural alteration of building
脱構, だつこうちく
deconstruction (as in the term coined by Jacques Derrida)
, けんちくし
architectural history, history of architecture
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