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, 条, すじ, スジ
1. muscle, tendon, sinew
2. vein, artery
3. fiber, fibre, string
4. line, stripe, streak
See 筋が通る
5. reason, logic
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, きん
売れ, うれすじ
May take 'no'
popular line (of products), best-selling line, hot sellers
売れランキング, うれすじランキング
See ランキング・2
list of top-selling products
, きんにく
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, おおすじ
outline, summary, gist, basic points
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, みちすじ
path, route, itinerary
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消息, しょうそくすじ
informed circles
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, しんきん
May take 'no'
heart muscle, myocardium
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, てっきん
1. rebar, (iron) reinforcing bar, reinforcing steel
See 鉄筋コンクリート, Abbreviation
2. reinforced concrete
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, 一条, ひと, 一すじ, ひと条, ひとすじ
1. one line, one stretch (e.g. of road), one strand (e.g. of hair), one beam (e.g. of light), one ray, one length (e.g. of rope)
NA-adjective, Noun, used as a suffix
2. earnest, resolute, intent, devoted, single-minded
3. one bloodline, one clan
4. ordinary, common
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すじ肉, , すじにく
sinewy meat
, 背すじ, せすじ
1. spine, line of the backbone
2. seam down the back (of clothing)
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, きんりょく
physical strength, muscle strength
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書き, , すじがき
synopsis, outline, plot
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, すじみち
1. reason, logic
2. method, system, order, thread (e.g. of an argument)
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, 首すじ, 頸, 頚, くびすじ
nape of the neck, back of the neck, scruff of the neck
, ほんすじ
main thread (of a story)
違い, すじ違い, すじちがい
Takes suru
1. cramp, sprain, crick, strain (muscle)
2. unreasonableness, absurdity
May take 'no', NA-adjective
3. illogical, unreasonable
4. misdirected, misplaced, wrong (of estimate, guess)
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梗塞, しんきんこうそく
Medicine term
heart attack, myocardial infarction
, 血すじ, ちすじ
lineage, stock, descent, strain, blood relationship
, 一, ひとすじなわ
1. (piece of) rope
See 一筋縄では行かない
2. ordinary method
, すじがね
a metal reinforcement
, よこすじ
transversal, lateral stripes
, ためすじ
patron, effective means
, しゅうすじ, しゅすじ
people close to the head man
, しんきん
protractor muscle
, ふっきん, ふくきん, はらすじ
Takes suru
1. sit-up
2. abdominal muscles, abs
, 合い, すじあい
reason, right
, てすじ
lines of the palm, aptitude, handwriting, apt move (in a go or shogi game), standard method
, すじこ, すずこ
See イクラ, Food term
salted salmon roe
, くっきん
flexor muscle
, けすじ
1. hair, hairline
often 毛筋ほど
2. minor details
3. comb lines in hair, comb tracks
, きんちゅう
intramuscular injection