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笑い, 咲い, 嗤い, 笑, わらい
See 笑う・1
1. laugh, laughter
See 笑う・2
2. smile
See 笑う・3, esp. 嗤い
3. sneer
4. sex aids (e.g. dildos, pornographic books, erotic woodblock prints, etc.)
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笑う, 嗤う, 咲う, わらう
Conjugated: 笑い
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to laugh
2. to smile
esp. 嗤う
3. to sneer, to ridicule
as 笑ってしまう or 笑っちゃう
4. to be dumbfounded, to be flabbergasted
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笑い, にがわらい
Takes suru, Intransitive
bitter smile, wry smile, forced smile, strained laugh
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笑い, おおわらい
NA-adjective, Takes suru
great laughter, burst of laughter
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笑い, わらいごえ
(sound of) laughter, laughing voice
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笑い, わらいばなし
funny story, funny anecdote
笑い, 笑いごと, わらいごと
laughing matter
笑い, 笑い, 笑いぐさ, わらいぐさ
わらいたけ, 笑い, 笑い, 笑茸, わらいだけ, ワライタケ, ワライダケ
Usually in kana
Panaeolus papilionaceus (species of poisonous mushroom)
笑い, ひとわらい
something people would laugh at
笑い, ふくわらい
fukuwarai, New Year's game in which blindfolded players place cutouts of facial features onto the outline of a face
笑い, ふくわらい
belly laugh
笑い, そら笑い, そらわらい
Takes suru
feigned laughter
笑い, わらいえ
1. comic picture, funny illustration
See 春画
2. shunga, pornographic picture
笑い, 御笑い, おわらい
1. comical (story, song), comic
2. the comedy business (rakugo, manzai, etc.)
3. something laughable
わらいかもめ, 笑い, ワライカモメ
Usually in kana
laughing gull (Leucophaeus atricilla)
笑い, わらいぼん
See 春画, Obsolete term
shunga book, pornographic book
笑い, はつわらい
first laugh of the year
笑い, はんわらい
NA-adjective, See 薄笑い・うすわらい
faint smile, half smile
笑い, 笑仏, わらいぼとけ
smiling Buddha (statue), laughing Buddha
笑い, こびわらい
flattering smile
似非笑い, えせわらい
smirk, affected smile
豪傑笑い, ごうけつわらい
Takes suru
loud laugh
馬鹿笑い, バカ笑い, ばか笑い, ばかわらい, バカわらい
Takes suru, Intransitive
horse laugh, guffaw, wild laughter
笑いもの, 笑い, 笑い, わらいもの
laughingstock, butt of ridicule
笑い出す, わらいだす
Godan verb
to burst into laughter
笑いの渦, わらいのうず
clamor of laughter
わらいかわせみ, 笑い川蝉, 笑い翡翠, 笑翡翠, ワライカワセミ
Usually in kana
laughing kookaburra (Dacelo novaeguineae)
照れ笑い, てれわらい
Takes suru, Intransitive
embarrassed smile, embarrassed laugh, bashful smile
笑い死に, わらいじに
death by laughter
追従笑い, ついしょうわらい
servile smile, sycophantic smile, servile laugh, sycophantic laugh
愛嬌笑い, あいきょうわらい
See 愛想笑い, Rare
insincere laugh, insincere smile, ingratiating smile
盗み笑い, ぬすみわらい
Takes suru
chuckle, snigger, laughing secretly