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種の起源, 種の起原, しゅのきげん
On the Origin of Species (Charles Darwin, 1859)
種の神器, さんしゅのじんぎ
1. the Three Sacred Treasures (Mirror, Sword and Jewels), three sacred emblems of sovereign rule, the three divine symbols of the Japanese imperial throne
Idiomatic expression, Colloquialism
2. (set of) three status symbols, three necessities
第一種の過誤, だいいっしゅのかご
Expression, See 第二種の過誤, statistics
type I error
第二種の過誤, だいにしゅのかご
Expression, See 第一種の過誤, statistics
type II error
七草の節句, 七種の節句, ななくさのせっく
Expression, See 五節句
Feast of the Seven Herbs of Health (one of the five seasonal festivals; celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar)
下衆の後知恵, 下種の後知恵, 下司の後知恵, げすの後知恵, 下種のあと知恵, げすのあとぢえ
Expression, Proverb
hindsight is 20-20 (even for a fool), an afterwit is everybody's wit
下衆の勘繰り, 下衆の勘ぐり, 下司の勘ぐり, 下種の勘繰り, げすの勘ぐり, 下司の勘繰り, 下種の勘ぐり, 下衆のかんぐり, 下種のかんぐり, 下司のかんぐり, げすの勘繰り, げすのかんぐり
putting a deliberately bad interpretation (on a person's actions), petty-minded suspicion