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秘書, ひしょ
May take 'no'
1. (private) secretary
2. treasured book, secret book
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秘書, ひしょしつ
secretarial office
秘書, ひしょかん
minister's secretary
秘書, ひしょか
secretarial section
秘書, ひしょか
secretarial course
秘書, そうひしょ
See 書記長, See 総書記, Rare
general secretary (esp. of Communist parties of Vietnam and the Democratic Republic of North Korea), secretary-general
公設秘書, こうせつひしょ
government-paid secretary
私設秘書, しせつひしょ
private secretary
政策秘書, せいさくひしょ
policy secretary
秘書検定, ひしょけんてい
official test for a secretarial qualification
秘書技能検定, ひしょぎのうけんてい
official test for a secretarial qualification