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, あき
autumn, fall
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, 刻, , とき
刻 signifies a time of day; 秋 signifies an important time
1. time, hour, moment
Only 時, Adverb
2. occasion, case
3. chance, opportunity, season
4. the times, the age, the day
Linguistics terminology
5. tense
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, あきた
Akita (city, prefecture)
, こんしゅう
this autumn, this fall, autumn of this year
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, さくしゅう
autumn of last year, fall of last year
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, しゅんじゅう, はるあき
1. spring and autumn, spring and fall
2. years, age
Only しゅんじゅう, See 五経
3. The Spring and Autumn Annals, The Chronicles of Lu, Chunqiu, Ch'un Ch'iu
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, せんしゅう
thousand years, many years
, せんしゅうらく
1. concluding festivities, concluding program, concluding programme
Sumo term
2. final day of a tournament
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, しゅうき
fall season, autumn season
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, あきぐち
beginning of autumn, beginning of fall
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, あきかぜ, しゅうふう
autumn breeze, fall breeze
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, ばんしゅう
1. late autumn (fall)
See 長月・1, Archaism
2. ninth month of the lunar calendar
, らいしゅう
next autumn, next fall
, しょしゅう, はつあき
1. early autumn (fall)
Only しょしゅう, See 文月, Obsolete term
2. seventh month of the lunar calendar
, さんしゅう
three autumn months, three fall months, three years
, しゅうき
autumn air, fall air
晴れ, , あきばれ, しゅうせい
clear autumnal weather
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, しゅうさん, あきご
autumn silkworms, fall silkworms
, しゅうし
lonely feeling of fall, autumnal melancholy, fall melancholy
, ぼしゅう
1. late autumn (fall)
See 長月・1, Obsolete term
2. ninth month of the lunar calendar
, しゅうじつ
autumn day, fall day
, しゅうれい
cool autumn weather, cool fall weather
, しゅうせい
sound of the autumn wind, sound of the fall wind
, しゅうそう
autumn frost, fall frost
, りょうしゅう
cool autumn, cool fall
, せいしゅう
clear fall (weather), clear autumn
あきあかね, , アキアカネ
Usually in kana
var. of red dragonfly (Sympetrum frequens)
あきにれ, , アキニレ
Usually in kana
Chinese elm (Ulmus parvifolia)
, もうしゅう
Obsolete term
1. beginning of autumn
2. seventh month of the lunar calendar
, きしゅう
Obsolete term
1. end of autumn
2. ninth month of the lunar calendar
, びょうしゅう
Archaism, Obscure term
end of autumn (fall)
, あきあじ
1. salmon (esp. salmon swimming upstream in the autumn)
See 塩鮭
2. salted salmon
, あきざくら, アキザクラ
See コスモス・2
common cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus)
, しゅうりょう
1. coolness of autumn, cool autumn wind
See 葉月
2. eighth lunar month