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, わたし
Pronoun, slightly formal or feminine
I, me
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, , わらわ
Pronoun, Archaism, Humble, Female term or language
I, me
あたし, , あたくし, あたい, あて
Pronoun, Female term or language, Usually in kana
I, me
, あっし, わっし
Pronoun, mainly used by working men
I, me
, わい, わて
Pronoun, Archaism, Dialect: Kansai-ben
1. I, me
Only わい, used toward people of equal or lower status
2. you
, わたい
Pronoun, Archaism, Dialect: Kantou-ben
I, me
, し
See 公・こう・1
private affairs, personal matter
, わたくし
Pronoun, See 私・わたし, usu. more formal than わたし
1. I, me
May take 'no', Antonym: 公・おおやけ・2
2. personal (affairs, etc.), private
3. selfishness, partiality
4. secrecy, confidentiality
, わっち
Pronoun, used esp. by people of low status
I, me
わし, 儂,
Pronoun, Usually in kana, Male term, used by elderly
I, me
, しりつ, わたくしりつ
May take 'no', See 市立・しりつ, わたくしりつ spoken to avoid confusion with 市立
private (establishment)
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自身, わたしじしん, わたくしじしん
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, してい
See 官邸
private residence
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, してき
private, personal
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, してつ
private railway
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, こうし
May take 'no'
public and private, official and personal, government and people
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, しゆう
Takes suru, May take 'no'
private ownership
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文書, しぶんしょ
private document
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, しがく
private (non-governmental) school (college, university)
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たち, , わたし達, わたくし達, わたしたち, わたくしたち
we, us
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生活, しせいかつ
one's private life
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, しだい
See 私立大学, Abbreviation
private university
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, しせつ
Takes suru, May take 'no'
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わたし的, , わたしてき
NA-adjective, See 私的・してき, Colloquialism, oft. as わたし的には
my personal (e.g. opinion)
, しあん
private plan, one's own plan
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書箱, ししょばこ
See 郵便私書箱, Abbreviation
post office box
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, ごと, しじ, わたくしごと
1. personal affairs, private matter
2. personal secret, privacy
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, しふく
May take 'no'
1. civilian clothes, plain clothes, mufti
See 私服刑事, Abbreviation
2. plainclothes police officer
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, しけん
personal opinion
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, しご
Takes suru
whispering, whisper, secret talk, murmur
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ささめき, , ささめごと, さざめごと, ささめきごと, ささめ, さざめ
Usually in kana
1. whispering, whisper, secret talk, murmur
2. sweet talk, sweet nothings, lovers' talk, pillow talk
, しぶつ
private property, personal belongings, personal effects
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, しざい
private funds, own funds, private property
企業, しきぎょう
private enterprise
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, しひ
private expense
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, しじゅく
1. small private school (esp. for cramming)
2. private school (in the Edo period, orig. run by Confucianists)
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, しじん, しにん
private individual
, しよう
Takes suru, May take 'no', Antonym: 公用・2
1. personal use, private use
Antonym: 公用・1
2. private business, personal business
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, しふく
See 私腹を肥やす
one's own profits, one's own pockets
, わたしあて, わたくしあて
my address
, わたくしぎ
Expression, usu. in formal correspondence
as for me, I
, しつう
Takes suru
adultery, illicit intercourse
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