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社長, しゃちょう
company president, manager, director
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社長, ふくしゃちょう
See 取締役副社長, Abbreviation
executive vice-president
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社長, しゃちょうしつ
president's office, director's office
社長, もとしゃちょう
former president of a company
社長, ししゃちょう
branch manager
社長, おんなしゃちょう
female company president, female CEO
社長, しゃちょうぎょう
role of a company president
社長, わかしゃちょう
young CEO, young company president
社長命令, しゃちょうめいれい
order from the company president
上級副社長, じょうきゅうふくしゃちょう
senior vice president
取締役社長, とりしまりやくしゃちょう
managing director, president of a company (US)
取締役副社長, とりしまりやくふくしゃちょう
executive vice-president
代表取締社長, だいひょうとりしまりしゃちょう
company president, with responsibility to represent the company in its dealings with the outside world
代表取締役社長, だいひょうとりしまりやくしゃちょう
president and chief executive officer
サラリーマン社長, サラリーマンしゃちょう
manager promoted from in-house office worker
社長兼最高経営責任者, しゃちょうけんさいこうけいえいせきにんしゃ
president and chief executive officer, president and CEO