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着物, きもの
1. kimono, Japanese traditional clothing (esp. full-length)
2. clothing, clothes
着る物, 着物, きるもの
something to wear, clothes
着物姿, きものすがた
dressed in a kimono
着物, きものじ
kimono material
着物, きものじらみ
See 衣虱, Obscure term
body louse (Pediculus humanus humanus), body lice
着物, ふちゃくぶつ
attached matter, attached substances, accretion, incrustation
着物, きものや
kimono shop, kimono store
着物スリップ, きものスリップ
See 肌襦袢・はだじゅばん, See 裾除け・すそよけ, See 長襦袢・ながじゅばん
full slip (combining hadajuban and susoyoke) worn under women's kimono
リサイクル着物, リサイクルきもの
vintage kimono, used kimono, second-hand kimono
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