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相手, あいて
1. companion, partner, company
2. other party, addressee
3. opponent (sports, etc.)
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結婚相手, けっこんあいて
1. marriage partner, spouse
2. wife-to-be, husband-to-be, future spouse, fiancée, fiancé
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相手取る, 相手どる, あいてどる
Expression, Godan verb, Transitive
to challenge (esp. in a lawsuit), to take on an opponent (in negotiations, contest, etc.)
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話し相手, 話相手, はなしあいて
person with whom to speak, someone to talk to, companion, advisor, adviser
相手, あいてかた, あいてがた
other party, opposite party, opposing team, one's opponent, one's adversary
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相手, あいてやく
opposing role, partner
相手, あいてさき
the other party (usu. in business), person or party with whom you are dealing (on the other end)
相手, あいてこく
partner country, other country (in a dispute, arrangement, etc.), opponent (country)
相手, あいてがわ
See 相手・あいて・2
other side, other party, other end (e.g. of phone connection), opposition
遊び相手, あそびあいて
playmate, playfellow
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相手次第, あいてしだい
changing one's attitude or response according who one is talking to or dealing with
競争相手, きょうそうあいて
competitor, rival
相談相手, そうだんあいて
adviser, someone to consult with, someone to turn to about one's concerns, confidant
対戦相手, たいせんあいて
May take 'no'
opponent, adversary, the competition, the other side, one's enemy
不倫相手, ふりんあいて
person with whom one is having an illicit love affair, mistress, lover
浮気相手, うわきあいて
adulterous partner (in a relationship), adulterous lover
受信相手, じゅしんあいて
Computer terminology
recipient (of email, e.g.)
通信相手, つうしんあいて
Computer terminology
communications partner, entity at the end of a communication
交際相手, こうさいあいて
person one is dating, significant other, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend
練習相手, れんしゅうあいて
sparring partner
取材相手, しゅざいあいて
interviewee, subject of an interview
相手をする, あいてをする
to keep company, to look after, to entertain, to play (a game) with
相手が悪い, あいてがわるい
Expression, Colloquialism
out of one's league, facing a too tough opponent, outclassed
元交際相手, もとこうさいあいて
former boyfriend, former girlfriend
相手にする, あいてにする
1. to keep company, to listen to, to associate with, to take notice of, to deal with
See 相手をする
2. to play against (e.g. a team), to take on (e.g. a rival)
相手を負かす, あいてをまかす
Expression, Godan verb
to defeat one's opponent
相手方当事者, あいてがたとうじしゃ
adversary party, opposing party
相手固定接続, あいてこていせつぞく
Computer terminology
permanent virtual connection, PVC
相手選択接続, あいてせんたくせつぞく
Computer terminology
switched virtual connection, SVC
相手先固定接続, あいてさきこていせつぞく
Computer terminology
Permanent Virtual Circuit, PVC
相手先選択接続, あいてさきせんたくせつぞく
Computer terminology
Switched Virtual Circuit, SVC
相手選択接続機能, あいてせんたくせつぞくきのう
Computer terminology
virtual call facility
相手にとって不足はない, あいてにとって不足はない, あいてにとってふそくはない
good match for an opponent, worthy (e.g. rival)