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相当, そうとう
Takes suru, May take 'no'
1. corresponding to (in meaning, function, etc.), being equivalent to
2. appropriate, suitable, befitting, proportionate
3. to be proportionate to, to be in keeping with, to be deserving of, to be worthy of
4. considerable, substantial
5. considerably, rather, quite, fairly, pretty
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苦し, くるしい
Conjugated: 苦し
1. painful, difficult, tough, hard
2. distressing, (psychologically) difficult, stressful, awkward (e.g. position)
3. straitened (circumstances), tight (financial situation), needy, struggling
4. strained (interpretation, explanation, etc.), lame (e.g. excuse), forced (e.g. smile), far-fetched
Suffix, See 寝苦しい・ねぐるしい, See 見苦しい・みぐるしい, after -masu stem of verb; often ぐるしい
5. hard to do, unpleasant
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総出, そうで
appearing all together
このまま, この儘, 此の儘
Expression, Usually in kana
as is, as it is, as things are, like this, this way, at this rate
Conjunction, See それでは・1
1. then, well, so, well then
2. bye then
Expression, compound of particles で and は; indicates contrast with other possibilities
3. at, in, by, with, using
See で, Archaism, after a -nai stem
4. if not ..., unless ...
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出端, では
1. chance of going out, opportunity (to succeed)
2. musical accompaniment for an actor going on stage