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目の, めのまえ
1. before one's eyes, in front of one, under one's nose
2. immediate, imminent, around the corner
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目の, めのいろ
eye color, eye colour
目の, めのどく
1. tempting thing, (too much of a) temptation, something that shouldn't be seen, the last thing one needs to see
2. thing damaging to the eyes
目の, めのかたき
目の子算, めのこざん
rough estimate, mental arithmetic
目の粗い, めのあらい
coarse (texture or grain)
目の悪い, めのわるい
See 目が悪い
having poor vision, poorly sighted
目の高い, めのたかい
Expression, See 目が高い
having an expert eye
目の保養, めのほよう
Expression, See 目の正月
feast for one's eyes
目の正月, めのしょうがつ
Expression, Idiomatic expression
feast for one's eyes, sight as pleasing as the New Year
目の, ちゅうもくのまと
centre of attention, center of attention
目のクマ, 目のくま, 目の, めのクマ, めのくま
Expression, See 隈・3
dark circles around the eyes, periorbital dark circles
目の子勘定, めのこかんじょう
Expression, See 目の子算
rough estimate, mental arithmetic
目の細かい, めのこまかい
fine (mesh, fabric texture)
目の詰んだ, めのつんだ
Expression, Noun or verb acting prenominally
close, fine(-grained)
蛇の目の, じゃのめのすな
Sumo term
sand circle around the ring
目の不自由, めのふじゆう
Expression, NA-adjective
blindness, the blind
目のやり場, 目の遣り場, めのやりば
place to look (esp. when averting one's eyes)
目の付け所, 目のつけどころ, 目の付けどころ, めのつけどころ
focus of one's attention, what one is looking for, viewpoint, point one is trying to make
目のもの, 金目の, かねめのもの
valuable article, valuables
目の, めのたま
目の届く限り, めのとどくかぎり
as far as the eye can reach, as far as the eye can see
三度目の正直, さんどめのしょうじき
Expression, Proverb
third time lucky, third time's the charm
目の上のこぶ, 目の上の瘤, めのうえのこぶ
Expression, Idiomatic expression
a thorn in one's side, a pain in the butt (often someone higher in rank, ability, etc.), nuisance, something in the way
抜け目のない, ぬけめのない
Expression, See 抜け目がない, See 抜け目ない
shrewd, astute, cunning, alert
目の敵にする, 目の仇にする, 目のかたきにする, めのかたきにする
to hate the very sight of, to hold a grudge against, to treat like an enemy, to bear constant enmity, to be gunning for, to have it in for
目の黒いうち, 目の黒い内, めのくろいうち
while alive (e.g. I won't allow ... while I'm alive), as long as one lives
切れ目のない, きれめのない
Expression, Pre-noun adjectival (rentaishi)
seamless, contiguous, unbroken, non-stop
目の当たり, 目の辺り, 目のあたり, 眼の当たり, 目の当り, まの当り, 眼の当り, まのあたり
Expression, Adverb
just before one's eyes, in one's presence, personally
目の覚めるよう, 目の覚める様, めのさめるよう
Expression, NA-adjective
stunning, electrifying, striking, eye-popping, brilliant
目の色を変える, めのいろをかえる
Expression, Ichidan verb, Idiomatic expression
to be in a tizzy, to be in a frenzy, to have one's eyes light up, to have a different look in one's eyes
目の玉が飛び出る, めのたまがとびでる
Expression, Noun or verb acting prenominally
eye-popping, staggering