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盗み, ぬすみ
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盗む, 偸む, ぬすむ
Conjugated: 盗み
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to steal
2. to plagiarize, to steal (a technique, idea, etc.), to watch and learn
oft. as 目を盗んで
3. to do stealthily
usu. as 暇を盗んで
4. to do during scant time
Baseball term
5. to steal a base
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盗み, ぬすみあし
stealthy steps
盗み出す, ぬすみだす
Godan verb
to steal (from a person)
盗み食い, ぬすみ食い, ぬすみぐい
Takes suru, Transitive
1. sneaking a bite
2. snitching food
盗み読み, ぬすみよみ
Takes suru, Transitive
1. reading (someone else's letter, diary, etc.) surreptitiously, reading secretly
2. reading over someone's shoulder
盗み笑い, ぬすみわらい
Takes suru
chuckle, snigger, laughing secretly
盗み録り, ぬすみどり
Takes suru, See 隠し録り
making a secret audio recording
盗み撮り, ぬすみどり
Takes suru, See 隠し撮り
taking pictures secretly, taking a sneak shot
盗み見る, ぬすみみる
Ichidan verb
to steal a glance, to intercept and read (e.g. other people's email)
盗み, 盗見, ぬすみみ
Takes suru, Transitive, See 盗み見る
surreptitious glance, looking furtively
盗み取る, ぬすみとる
Godan verb, Transitive
to steal
盗み聞き, ぬすみぎき
Takes suru, Transitive
eavesdropping, tapping