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疲れ, つかれ
tiredness, fatigue
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疲れ, づかれ
Noun, used as a suffix, See 湯疲れ
weariness (from), fatigue, tiredness, exhaustion
疲れ, つかれる
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
1. to get tired, to tire, to get fatigued, to become exhausted, to grow weary
2. to become worn out (of a well-used object)
3. to starve
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疲れ果てる, つかれはてる
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
to get tired out, to be exhausted
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疲れ果て, つかれはて
being tired out
疲れ, こいづかれ
haggard from love
疲れ, つかれた
Noun or verb acting prenominally
worn-out (as opposed to sleepy)
疲れ, つかれめ
eye strain
疲れ, ゆづかれ
Takes suru
weariness caused by prolonged hot bath
疲れ, たびづかれ
weary from traveling (travelling)
疲れ, ひとづかれ
Takes suru
getting tired from dealing with people, getting tired of being around people
疲れ, はなづかれ
tiredness after cherry blossom watching
疲れ, 御疲れ, おつかれ
1. thanks (for coming, helping, etc.), glad you could make it
May take 'no', See 疲れ・つかれ
2. tiredness, fatigue
看護疲れ, かんごつかれ
nursing fatigue
看病疲れ, かんびょうづかれ
nursing fatigue
疲れきる, 疲れ切る, つかれきる
Godan verb
to be exhausted, to be tired out
旅行疲れ, りょこうずかれ
fatigue from traveling (travelling)
介護疲れ, かいごづかれ
tiredness after taking care of someone, nursing fatigue
倦み疲れ, うみつかれる
Ichidan verb
to grow weary, to get tired of
歩き疲れ, あるきつかれる
Ichidan verb
to be tired from walking
心が疲れ, しんがつかれる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to be mentally fatigued, to tired to the bone
疲れやすい, 疲れ易い, つかれやすい
tiring easily, easy to tire
コロナ疲れ, コロナづかれ
being tired of dealing with (or worrying over) the COVID-19 pandemic
遊び疲れ, あそびつかれる
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
to tire of playing, to become tired after playing
疲れ, お疲れさま, 御疲れ, おつかれさま
1. thank you for your hard work, good work
2. see you, goodbye, goodnight
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mixi疲れ, ミクシィづかれ
growing tired of the social network mixi
気づかれ, 気疲れ, きづかれ
Takes suru
mental fatigue, worry, boredom
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