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留学, りゅうがく
Takes suru, Intransitive
1. studying abroad
2. (temporarily) studying at another school (to learn a specific skill)
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留学, りゅうがくせい
overseas student, exchange student
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留学, りゅうがくさき
study abroad destination
官費留学, かんぴりゅうがく
studying abroad at government expense
交換留学, こうかんりゅうがく
See 交換留学生
(student) exchange, study abroad
駅前留学, えきまえりゅうがく
trademark, from a NOVA language school slogan
studying at a language school near a station (instead of going abroad)
海外留学, かいがいりゅうがく
Takes suru
studying abroad, studying overseas
国内留学, こくないりゅうがく
studying (temporarily) at another institution (in the same country as the institution one belongs to), studying or researching at an institution while still employed
語学留学, ごがくりゅうがく
studying a language abroad
母子留学, ぼしりゅうがく
mother and child moving abroad for study (while the father stays and works in Japan)
官費留学, かんぴりゅうがくせい
student studying abroad at government expense
国費留学, こくひりゅうがくせい
government-financed or sponsored foreign student
交換留学, こうかんりゅうがくせい
exchange student
留学希望者, りゅうがくきぼうしゃ
person interested in studying abroad, person wanting to study abroad
外国人留学, がいこくじんりゅうがくせい
foreign (exchange) student, international student
日本留学試験, にほんりゅうがくしけん
Examination for Japanese University Admission (for international students), EJU
オンライン留学, オンラインりゅうがく
studying online (esp. at a foreign university)