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, 街, まち
esp. 町
1. town, block, neighbourhood, neighborhood
Only 街
2. downtown, main street, road
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, ちょう
See 町・まち・1
1. town, block, neighbourhood, neighborhood
2. street
3. chō (unit of length, approx. 109.09 m)
4. chō (unit of land area, approx. 0.99 hectares)
, しちょうそん
cities, towns and villages, municipalities
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, どうちょう
the same town, that town
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, ちょうちょう
town mayor
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, 街中, じゅう, 街じゅう, まちじゅう
the whole town, all over the town, throughout the town
, ちょうない
May take 'no'
neighborhood, neighbourhood, street, block, town
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, ちょうそん
towns and villages
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, したまち
1. low-lying part of a city (usu. containing shops, factories, etc.)
See 山の手・2
2. Shitamachi (low-lying area of eastern Tokyo near Tokyo Bay, incl. Asakusa, Shitaya, Kanda, Fukugawa, Honjo, Nihonbashi, Kyobashi and surrounds)
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, ちょうみん
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並み, , 街並み, 街並, まちなみ
townscape, street (of stores and houses), (look of) stores and houses on street
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, むろまち
See 室町時代, historical term
Muromachi period (1336-1573)
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, ちょうぎ
See 町議会議員, Abbreviation
town councillor, town council member
役場, まちやくば
town hall
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議会, ちょうぎかい
town council
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, こまち
belle, (town) beauty
城下, じょうかまち
castle town, city in Japan that developed around the castle of a feudal lord
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, ちょうかい
town council
, ちょうにん, まちにん
historical term
chōnin (Edo-period social class of town-dwelling commoners, esp. landowning merchants), townspeople, townsfolk, tradespeople
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田舎, いなかまち
country town, rural town
工場, まちこうば, まちこうじょう
small factory in town, (small) backstreet workshop
, ちょうえい
May take 'no'
town management, municipal management
, みなとまち
port city, harbor city, harbour city
, しちょう
cities and towns
, 街中, まちなか
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, ちょうりつ
May take 'no'
established by a town, town-run, municipal
, となり, となりまち
neighboring town, neighbouring town, adjacent town
たにまち, 谷
Sumo term, Usually in kana
sponsors of rikishi or their stables
, 丁石, ちょういし
See 町・3
roadside stone distance indicators placed at intervals of one chō (approx. 109 meters)
, まちむすめ
town girl, girl raised in a town
, きさきまち, きさいまち
See 常寧殿
women's pavilion (of the inner Heian palace)
, まちゆ
public bath located in a city or town
, ちょういき
postal term
most specific part of an address, neighbourhood
, おまち
Omachi rice, late growing wet-land rice variety, often used in sake production