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生活, せいかつ
Takes suru, Intransitive
1. life, living
2. livelihood, (one's) living
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, てき
Suffix, NA-adjective, used to form adjectives from nouns
1. -ical, -ive, -al, -ic, -y
2. -like, -ish, -sort of, -kind of
Colloquialism, used similarly to a quoting particle, esp. as 的な or 的なこと
3. (something) like, along the lines of
after a noun or pronoun, esp. adverbially as ~に(は)
4. -wise, in terms of, for, from the viewpoint of, from a ... standpoint, as far as ... is concerned
Familiar language, dated term, used as a form of address with names, work titles, etc. to denote either light disdain or familiarity
5. Mr., Ms., Mrs.
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, まと
1. mark, target
2. object, subject, focus
3. point (e.g. of argument)
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copula, See である, See です, plain copula
1. be, is
Auxiliary verb, See た・1, た after certain verb forms; indicates past or completed action
2. did, (have) done
See た・2, indicates light imperative
3. please, do
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