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生け, 生花, 活け花, 活花, いけばな, せいか
1. ikebana, Japanese art of flower arrangement
Only せいか
2. fresh flower, natural flower
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生け, 活ける, いける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to arrange (flowers), to plant
Only 生ける, Noun or verb acting prenominally
2. living, live
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生け捕り, 生け, 生擒, いけどり
capturing alive (an animal or person), something captured alive
生け, いけかた
way of arranging flowers
生け, 手活け, ていけ
1. doing one's own flower arranging
2. marrying or making a mistress of a geisha
生け, 生簀, 生け, いけす
fish pen, holding pond, fish tank, live well, live-box
生け, 活け間, いけま
compartment in a fishing boat with seawater for reviving or keeping alive fresh fish or bait
生ける屍, いけるしかばね
living corpse
生け捕る, 生捕る, いけどる
Godan verb, Transitive
to capture alive, to catch alive, to take prisoner
生ケーキ, なまケーキ
See セレモニーケーキ
1. real cake (as opposed to fake)
2. fresh cake, cake baked with fresh ingredients
生け込む, 活け込む, いけこむ
Godan verb
to arrange (e.g. flowers), to decorate
吊り花生け, 釣り花生け, 釣花生け, つりはないけ
hanging vase for flower arrangements, hanging flower vase
生け, 花活け, はないけ
(flower) vase
生きとし生ける物, 生きとし生けるもの, いきとしいけるもの
all living things, all God's creatures, great and small
生垣, 生け, 生け, いけがき
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生贄, 生け, 生けにえ, 犠牲, いけにえ
1. (living) sacrifice
2. victim, scapegoat
一生懸命, いっしょうけんめい
Adverb, NA-adjective, yojijukugo
very hard, with utmost effort, as hard as one can, with all one's might, for dear life, eagerly, desperately
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活魚, 活け魚, 生け, かつぎょ, いけうお
live fish and shellfish (kept in a tank in a restaurant)
活け造り, 活造り, 活け作り, 生け作り, 生け造り, いけづくり
See 活き造り
1. sashimi prepared from live fish, arranged in its original shape
2. fresh sashimi