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現場, げんば, げんじょう
See 現地, See 現場を押さえる・げんばをおさえる
1. actual spot, scene, scene of the crime, site, location, setting
Only げんば
2. shop floor, factory floor, (on) site
現場, げんばちゃく
See 現場到着, Abbreviation
arrival on scene, arrival on location
現場監督, げんばかんとく
field overseer, site foreman
工事現場, こうじげんば
construction site
現場中継, げんばちゅうけい
on-the-spot broadcast
現場検証, げんばけんしょう
on-the-site inspection
建築現場, けんちくげんば
building (construction) site
犯行現場, はんこうげんば
scene of the crime (offense, offence)
現場主義, げんばしゅぎ
May take 'no'
bottom-up approach to management, on-the-spot decision-making, hands-on approach (policy, etc.)
殺人現場, さつじんげんば
murder scene
現場到着, げんばとうちゃく
Takes suru
arrival on scene, arrival on location
事故現場, じこげんば
scene of an accident, crash site, accident scene
発掘現場, はっくつげんば
dig site, excavation site
生産現場, せいさんげんば
point of production, production site, shop floor
撮影現場, さつえいげんば
movie set, filming location
取材現場, しゅざいげんじょう
reporting location, interview location, field interview, on-the-scene coverage
建設現場, けんせつげんば
construction site
作業現場, さぎょうげんば
May take 'no', See 勤務地
job site, workplace
教育現場, きょういくげんば
educational interface, the classroom, the chalkface
臨床現場, りんしょうげんば
Medicine term
clinical site, location of medical procedure
現場を押さえる, 現場をおさえる, げんばをおさえる
Expression, Ichidan verb, See 現場・げんば・1
to catch in the act (of)
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