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いぬ, , 狗, イヌ
1. dog (Canis (lupus) familiaris)
See みっこくしゃ, Derogatory, Usually in kana
2. squealer, rat, snitch, informer, informant, spy
3. loser, asshole
Noun, used as a prefix
4. counterfeit, inferior, useless, wasteful
, 仔, 小, こいぬ
1. puppy
2. small dog
盲導, もうどうけん
guide dog for the blind, seeing eye dog
, あいけん
1. pet dog, beloved dog
See 愛犬家
2. love of dogs, fondness for dogs
, りょうけん, かりいぬ
hound, hunting dog, gun dog
飼い, 飼, かいいぬ
pet dog
, やけん
stray dog, ownerless dog
, ぐんけん
war dog
, けんしゃ
kennel, doghouse
, だけん
mongrel, cur, mutt
いぬまき, , イヌマキ
Usually in kana
yew plum pine (Podocarpus macrophyllus)
, いぬざむらい
cowardly or depraved samurai
, おすいぬ
male dog
, 豺, やまいぬ
1. Japanese wolf (Canis lupus hodophilax, extinct)
2. wild dog
, いぬくぎ
spike, dog nail
, けんば
dogs and horses, one's humble self
, けんじゅ
いぬわし, , 狗鷲, イヌワシ
Usually in kana
golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)
いえいぬ, 家, イエイヌ
Usually in kana
domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris)
いぬぶな, , イヌブナ
See ブナ, Usually in kana
Japanese beech (Fagus japonica)
, ろうけん
old dog
, いぬねこ
1. dogs and cats, pets
Idiomatic expression
2. something trivial, worthless thing
, からいぬ
Obscure term
foreign dog (esp. of Chinese origin)
, , 狗, 狗児, えのこ, えのころ, えぬ
See 子犬・1, Archaism
, とんけん
Archaism, Obscure term
1. pig and dog
2. dullard, halfwit
3. my child
, たてがみ, たてがみいぬ, タテガミイヌ
See ハイエナ
, いぬぶえ
dog whistle
, けんしゅ
breed of dog
, おやいぬ
parent dog
, やまいぬ
bad dog, rabid dog
, さといぬ
Antonym: 山犬・2
pet dog, domesticated dog
いぬなずな, , イヌナズナ
Usually in kana
woodland draba (Draba nemorosa), woodland whitlow-grass
, いぬぐす, イヌグス
See 椨
Machilus thunbergii (species of laurel)
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