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かたかな, 片仮名, カタカナ
See 平仮名, Usually in kana
katakana, angular Japanese syllabary used primarily for loanwords
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鹿, しか, かせぎ, か, ろく, シカ
deer (esp. the sika deer, Cervus nippon), cervid
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歯科, しか
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, 爾, しか
Interjection, Archaism
1. like that, as such
2. yeah, uh-huh
史家, しか
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市価, しか
market price, current price
Woody Panelの市価が80$だということは知っています。
師家, しか
the teacher's home
賜暇, しか
furlough, leave of absence
紙価, しか
price of paper
糸価, しか
price of silk thread
疵瑕, しか
blemish, flaw, defect
知客, しか
See 禅堂, Buddhist term
head monk in charge of the administrative section of a zendo (Zen)
詩化, しか
Takes suru
詩家, しか
Particle, used with neg. verb
only, nothing but
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私家, しか
private house, one's own house
詩歌, 詩哥, しいか, しか
Japanese and Chinese poetry, poems
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紙花, 紙纏頭, かみばな, しか
Only 紙花
1. paper flower
2. decorative paper flower for a funeral
Only かみばな, See 小菊・3, Archaism
3. piece of paper given as a tip in a red-light district (that can later be exchanged for money)