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焼き, 焼, やき
1. cooking, esp. frying or stir-frying, heating
2. tempering
Noun, used as a suffix
3. -ware
焼く, 燬く, 焚く, やく
Conjugated: 焼き
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to burn
2. to roast, to broil, to grill, to bake, to toast, to barbecue
3. to heat, to heat up
4. to make (charcoal, pottery, bricks, etc.), to bake, to fire, to burn
See 灼く・やく
5. to tan (i.e. suntan), to burn
すき焼き, すき焼, 鋤焼き, 鋤焼, 剥焼, 寿喜焼, すきやき, スキヤキ
Food term
sukiyaki, thin slices of beef, cooked with various vegetables in a table-top cast-iron pan
焼き付く, 焼きつく, 焼付く, やきつく
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to be scorched into, to be seared into
2. to make a strong impression, to be etched in (one's memory)
焼き, 焼魚, 焼き, やきざかな
grilled fish
焼き, 焼物, 焼きもの, やきもの
1. earthenware, pottery, porcelain, china
2. yakimono, flame-broiled food (esp. fish)
3. tempered blade
焼き, 焼鳥, やきとり
1. yakitori, chicken pieces (or sometimes beef or pork offal) grilled on a skewer
Obsolete term
2. grilled and skewered bird (esp. sparrow)
Mahjong term
3. failing to win a single hand during a half-game
焼き, 焼畑, やきばた, やきはた, やきばたけ, やいばた
land made arable by the slash-and-burn method, swidden, slash-and-burn farming
焼き上げる, 焼きあげる, やきあげる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to burn, to roast, to grill, to bake
焼き打ち, 焼打ち, 焼き討ち, 焼討ち, 焼討, 焼打, やきうち
setting on fire, setting afire
焼き, 塩焼, しおやき
Takes suru
1. grilling (fish) with salt, broiling with salt
2. boiling seawater to get salt
焼き, 傍焼き, おかやき
jealousy, envy
焼き, かるやき
焼き, てやき
home-baked, homemade
焼き, やきがね
branding iron
焼き, じかやき
broiling over an open fire
焼き, ひび焼き, ひびやき
焼き, 楽焼, らくやき
raku ware, hand-moulded, lead glazed earthenware pottery fired at low temperatures, esp. used in tea ceremony (molded)
焼き, 鍋焼, なべやき
scalloped (noodles), boiled noodles served in a pot with broth
焼き, つちやき
unglazed earthenware
焼き, 石焼, いしやき
May take 'no'
1. porcelain
2. baking by means of hot stones or pebbles
姿焼き, 姿焼, すがたやき
Food term
seafood cooked whole so that it retains its original form
焼き, はまやき
freshly caught seafood broiled at a beach
焼き, やきば
tempered blade
焼き, やきごめ
roasted or parched rice
焼き, 焼串, やきぐし
skewer, spit
焼き, やきえ
焼き, 焼筆, やきふで
wooden stick with a burned tip (used to create underdrawings)
焼き, 焼塩, やきしお
roasted salt, parched salt, baked salt
焼き, 白焼, しらやき
See 素焼き・すやき・2
1. seafood grilled without seasoning
See 素焼き・すやき・1
2. unglazed ceramic ware
焼き, やきがま
oven, kiln
焼き, 焼鍋, やきなべ
cooking pot (for roasting, broiling, etc.)
焼き, 焼型, やきがた
mold (e.g. cake mold), mould, baking pan, bread pan
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