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焦げ, こげ
1. scorch, burn, scorching
See お焦げ・おこげ・1
2. burnt rice
3. part of ceramic glaze that has become dark or darkish-brown during firing
焦げ, こげる
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
to burn, to scorch, to char, to singe
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焦げ付く, 焦げつく, こげつく
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to get burned and stuck on (e.g. rice in a pan)
2. to become uncollectable (e.g. debt or loan), to become irrecoverable
3. to remain unchanged (e.g. stock market)
焦げ付き, こげつき
a bad debt
焦げ, 黒こげ, くろこげ
May take 'no'
charred, burnt black, scorched black
焦げ, こげめ
burn mark, grilled surface (e.g. on a steak)
おこげ, お焦げ, 御焦げ, おコゲ
1. burnt rice, scorched rice, crispy rice at bottom of cooking pan
Usually in kana
2. woman who hangs out with gay men
焦げ, こげあと
burn mark, singe
焦げ臭い, 焦臭い, 焦げくさい, こげ臭い, こげくさい
smelling burnt, tasting burnt, having a burnt smell
焦げ焦げ, こげこげ
NA-adjective, May take 'no'
burnt to a crisp
焼け焦げ, 焼けこげ, やけこげ
burn hole, scorch
焼け焦げ, 焼けこげる, やけこげる
Ichidan verb
to burn to a crisp, to scorch
焦げ付き融資, こげつきゆうし
uncollectible loan
こげ茶色, 焦げ茶色, こげちゃいろ
dark brown, olive brown
こげ茶, 焦げ, 焦茶, こげちゃ
See こげ茶色・こげちゃいろ
dark brown, olive brown