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無駄, 徒, むだ, ムダ
futility, waste, uselessness, pointlessness, idleness
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無駄遣い, 無駄使い, 無駄づかい, むだ遣い, むだ使い, 徒遣い, むだづかい
Takes suru, Transitive
waste (of money, time, etc.), squandering, frittering away
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無駄, むだ骨, むだぼね
useless, waste of time and effort, pointless, vain efforts
無駄, 徒花, むだ花, むだばな
See 徒花・あだばな・1
blossom which fails to produce fruit, non-fruit-bearing flower
無駄, ムダ飯, むだ飯, 徒飯, むだめし, ムダめし, ムダメシ
living idly
無駄, 徒言, むだごと
See 無駄口・むだぐち
chatter, idle talk
無駄, 徒金, むだがね
wasted money
無駄, むだ話, 徒話, むだばなし
Takes suru, Intransitive
idle talk, chit-chat, gossip
無駄死に, 徒死に, むだじに
Takes suru
dying in vain, useless death, meaningless death
無駄食い, 徒食い, むだぐい
Takes suru
1. eating between meals, wasteful eating habits, waste of resources
See 無駄飯・むだめし, See 徒食・としょく
2. living idly, loafing one's way through life
無駄時間, むだじかん
Computer terminology
dead time
無駄吠え, むだ吠え, 徒吠え, むだぼえ
barking over nothing (of a dog), barking at passers-by or visitors
無駄にする, むだにする
to render futile, to bring to naught, to waste, to not make good use of
無駄骨折り, むだぼねおり
Takes suru
laboring in vain or for no result, labouring in vain
無駄を省く, むだをはぶく
Expression, Godan verb
to eliminate waste
時間の無駄, 時間のむだ, 時間のムダ, じかんのむだ, じかんのムダ
waste of time
無駄になる, 無駄に成る, むだになる
Expression, Godan verb
to come to nothing, to be in vain, to lead nowhere
無駄飯食い, むだめしぐい
ne'er-do-well, waster, idler, good-for-nothing
無駄のない, 無駄の無い, むだのない
economical, efficient, lean, compact
無駄, ムダ足, 徒足, むだあし
Takes suru, Intransitive
visit for no reason, going on a fool's errand
無駄にしない, むだにしない
Expression, See 無駄にする
make good use of, make the most of
無駄骨を折る, むだぼねをおる
Expression, Godan verb, Rare, Idiomatic expression
to waste one's efforts, to work to no (useful) effect
言うだけ無駄, いうだけむだ
would be a waste of words, would be a waste of breath, there's no point in saying
無駄足を踏む, むだあしをふむ
Expression, Godan verb
to go on a fool's errand, to go in vain
無駄, むだ口, むだぐち
chatter, idle talk
無駄口をたたく, 無駄口を叩く, むだぐちをたたく
Expression, Godan verb
to chatter pointlessly, to waste one's breath
時間を無駄にする, 時間をむだにする, じかんをむだにする
to waste time
親の意見と茄子の花は千に一つも無駄はない, おやのいけんとなすびのはなはせんにひとつもむだはない
Expression, Proverb
always listen to your parents, always value your parents' advice, not even one in a thousand of a parents' opinion or an eggplant flower are in vain
ムダ毛, 無駄, むだ毛, 徒毛, ムダげ, むだげ
unwanted hair, superfluous hair