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無名, むめい
May take 'no'
1. nameless, unnamed, anonymous, unsigned
2. obscure, unknown, not famous
3. causeless, unjustifiable
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無名, むめいし
anonymous person, a nobody
無名, むめいし
See 薬指・1, Obscure term
ring finger
無名, むめいこつ
hipbone, innominate bone
無名戦士, むめいせんし
unknown soldier
有名無名, ゆうめいむめい
May take 'no', yojijukugo
well-known and unknown, somebodies and nobodies, both famous and humble
悪名は無名に勝る, あくみょうはむめいにまさる
Expression, Proverb
it is better to be infamous than unknown