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, てん
1. dot, spot, point, speck, mark
2. mark (in an exam, etc.), grade, score, points
3. point (in a game), goal, run, aspect, matter, detail, part, respect, way, viewpoint
4. (punctuation) mark (e.g. comma, period, decimal point)
5. "dot" stroke (in a Chinese character)
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ちょぼ, , チョボ
Usually in kana
1. dot, point, mark
See 義太夫
2. gidayū musicians (in kabuki)
ぽち, , ぽつ
Usually in kana
1. dot, point, mark
Only ぽち, Dialect: Kansai-ben
2. tip, gratuity
Suffix, See ぽっち・1, often as っぽち
3. a little, paltry, piddling, mere
, 骸, から
shell, husk, hull, pod, chaff
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, 虚, から, カラ
May take 'no'
1. emptiness, being empty
2. not carrying anything, unburdened, empty-handed
3. dishonoured (bill, promise, etc.), false, no-show (reservation), put-on (cheeriness, courage, etc.), empty (compliments), insincere
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, 韓, 漢, から
Noun, used as a prefix, Archaism
China (sometimes also used in ref. to Korea or other foreign countries)
1. from (e.g. time, place, numerical quantity), since
2. from (originator), by
follows verbs, adjectives
3. because
4. out of (constituent, part)
5. through (e.g. window, vestibule)
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掛絡, 掛落, 掛羅, から
See 袈裟・1, See 絡子・らくす, Archaism
1. Zen monk's waistcoat (short, informal kasaya)
2. ring (usu. made of ivory) attached to this waistcoat
See 根付け
3. netsuke, item attached to a netsuke
, 柄, から
1. trunk, stem, stalk
2. shaft (of an arrow)
3. handle
加羅, 伽羅, 迦羅, から
historical term
Karak (ancient Korean confederacy), Kaya