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, 泪, 涕, なみだ, なだ, なんだ
1. tear, tears, lachrymal secretion
2. sympathy
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ぐむ, なみだぐむ
Godan verb, Intransitive
to have tears in one's eyes, to be moved to tears
, さいるい
May take 'no', See 催涙ガス・さいるいガス
lacrimator, dacryagogue, tear-inducing agent
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, そら, そらなみだ
crocodile tears
, なみだごえ
tearful voice
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する, なみだする
to cry, to shed tears, to be moved to tears
ながら, 乍ら, なみだながら
May take 'no'
while crying, in tears
, あんるい
silent tears
, こうるい
feminine tears, bitter tears, tears of blood
, かたじけなみだ
tears of gratitude
, るいのう
Anatomical term
lachrymal sac, tear sac, dacryocyst
, るいかん
lachrymal or tear duct
, ねつるい
hot tears
, なみだめ
May take 'no'
teary eyes
, るいこつ
lacrimal bone (of the skull)
, なみだばし
dripping liquid (soup, sauce, etc.) from the tips of one's chopsticks (a breach of etiquette)
, るいどう
lachrymal passage (lacrimal, lacrymal)
, るいてん
lachrymal punctum (lacrimal, lacrymal), lacrimal point
, るいき
lacrimal apparatus
, るいどう
See 涙袋
eye bags, periorbital puffiness
, なみだぶくろ
See 涙堂, Colloquialism
eye bags, periorbital puffiness
, , なみだがた
May take 'no'
, なみだがお
tearful face, tear-stained face
なみだたけ, , ナミダタケ
Usually in kana
Serpula lacrymans (species of dry rot fungus)
, なみだがわ
endless flood of tears
, るいえき
lacrimal fluid, tears
, るいかつ
Takes suru, Colloquialism
therapeutic crying for stress relief, having a good cry
, かんるい
Takes suru
tears (from being deeply moved), tears of gratitude
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嬉し, うれしなみだ
happy tears, tears of joy
, さいるいじゅう
tear-gas gun
, さいるいだん
tear-gas bomb
雀の, すずめの, スズメの, すずめのなみだ, スズメのなみだ
Expression, Idiomatic expression
drop in the bucket, very small quantity, chicken feed, insignificant amount, sparrow tears
悔し, 悔やし, くやしなみだ
tears of regret, bitter tears, vexation, chagrin