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活動, かつどう
Takes suru
1. activity (of a person, organization, animal, volcano, etc.), action
See 活動写真, Abbreviation, Obsolete term
2. movie (esp. during the silent movie period)
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1. indicates direct object of action
2. indicates subject of causative expression
3. indicates an area traversed
4. indicates time (period) over which action takes place
5. indicates point of departure or separation of action
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する, 為る
Conjugated: しよう
Usually in kana
1. to do, to carry out, to perform
2. to cause to become, to make (into), to turn (into)
3. to serve as, to act as, to work as
4. to wear (clothes, a facial expression, etc.)
as 〜にする,〜とする
5. to judge as being, to view as being, to think of as, to treat as, to use as
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使用, しよう
Takes suru, Transitive
use, application, employment, utilization, utilisation
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仕様, 仕樣, しよう
1. way, method, means, resource, remedy
2. (technical) specification
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私用, しよう
Takes suru, May take 'no', Antonym: 公用・2
1. personal use, private use
Antonym: 公用・1
2. private business, personal business
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枝葉, しよう, えだは
1. branches and leaves, foliage
May take 'no', See 枝葉末節・しようまっせつ, esp. しよう
2. unimportant details, nonessentials, side issue, digression
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至要, しよう
of paramount importance, extremely important, essential
止揚, しよう
Takes suru, Transitive
sublation (philosophy)
史要, しよう
outline of history, essentials of history
試用, しよう
Takes suru, Transitive
trial, experimental use
姿容, しよう
See 容姿, Rare
appearance, features, looks, shape, form
飼養, しよう
Takes suru, Transitive
breeding, raising
子葉, しよう
Botany term
cotyledon, seed leaf
Particle, Conjunction
1. if, when
2. and
3. with
4. used for quoting (thoughts, speech, etc.)
See と金, Shogi term, Abbreviation
5. promoted pawn
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