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注文, 註文, ちゅうもん
Takes suru, Transitive
1. order (for an item)
2. request, demand, condition
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注文, 註文, ちゅうぶん
annotation, explanatory note
予約注文, よやくちゅうもん
Takes suru
pre-order, advance order
買い注文, かいちゅうもん
buy order (e.g. shares)
注文, さいちゅうもん
Takes suru
repeat order, reorder
注文, ちゅうもんひん
ordered goods
注文, ちゅうもんさき
recipient of an order
注文, ちゅうもんふく
See 既製服
custom-made clothing
注文, ごちゅうもん
Takes suru, Transitive, Polite
order, request
注文, ちゅうもんしょ
written order, order form
注文, ちゅうもんしゃ
orderer, purchaser, customer
購入注文, こうにゅうちゅうもん
purchase order
注文通り, ちゅうもんどおり
Adverb, May take 'no'
as ordered
追加注文, ついかちゅうもん
additional order, adding to an existing order
注文相撲, ちゅうもんずもう
Sumo term
bout that goes according to a wrestler's strategy, match that goes according to one's plan
注文方法, ちゅうもんほうほう
method of ordering, procedures for ordering
注文不可, ちゅうもんふか
cannot be taken (order)
電話注文, でんわちゅうもん
Takes suru
telephone order
注文生産, ちゅうもんせいさん
made-to-order production, job order production, production to order
売買注文, ばいばいちゅうもん
order to buy or sell, buy-sell order
特別注文, とくべつちゅうもん
Takes suru
special order, custom order, bespoke (goods)
注文伝票, ちゅうもんでんぴょう
order slip, order form
売り注文, うりちゅうもん
sell order (e.g. shares)
注文住宅, ちゅうもんじゅうたく
custom-built home, built-to-order house
大量注文, たいりょうちゅうもん
Takes suru
large order, bulk order
注文完了, ちゅうもんかんりょう
order completion
注文番号, ちゅうもんばんごう
order number
注文履歴, ちゅうもんりれき
order history, purchase history
指し値注文, さしねちゅうもん
See 成り行き注文
limit order
注文が多い, ちゅうもんがおおい
demanding, difficult, strict
注文の多い, ちゅうもんのおおい
demanding, difficult, strict
注文をつける, 注文を付ける, ちゅうもんをつける
Expression, Ichidan verb
to order (someone to do something)
注文取り, ちゅうもんとり
order-taking, salesperson
成り行き注文, 成行き注文, 成行注文, なりゆきちゅうもん
See 指し値注文, Finance term
market order, order without limit