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注意, ちゅうい
Takes suru, Intransitive
1. attention, notice, heed
2. care, caution, precaution, looking out (for), watching out (for)
3. advice, warning, reminder
4. admonishment, reprimand, telling-off
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注意, ふちゅうい
carelessness, inattention, thoughtlessness
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注意, ようちゅうい
May take 'no'
need for caution, need for care, requiring special attention
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取扱注意, 取り扱い注意, とりあつかいちゅうい
handling warning
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注意深い, ちゅういぶかい
See 注意深く・ちゅういぶかく
attentive, cautious, careful, watchful
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注意, ちゅういほう
warning (e.g. for a storm), advisory
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注意, 御注意, ごちゅうい
Takes suru
1. attention, notice, heed
2. care, caution, precaution
3. advice, warning
注意, ちゅういてん
important point, point to make note of
注意, ちゅういりょく
注意, ちゅういしょ
directions, advisory, notice, warning
注意, しょちゅうい
tips, pointers
注意事項, ちゅういじこう
things to note, matters that require attention, important points, considerations, precautions, suggestions, warnings
注意書き, 注意, ちゅういがき
notes, instructions
厳重注意, げんじゅうちゅうい
reprimand, stern warning
注意集中, ちゅういしゅうちゅう
concentration (of one's attention)
注意喚起, ちゅういかんき
Takes suru
call for attention, alert, heads-up, reminder
注意義務, ちゅういぎむ
Law term
duty of care
注意散漫, ちゅういさんまん
See 注意力散漫
inattention, distraction, mind-wandering
転倒注意, てんとうちゅうい
watch your step, slippery floor
注意深く, ちゅういぶかく
attentively, cautiously, carefully, watchfully, with caution
猛犬注意, もうけんちゅうい
Expression, on a sign
Beware of dog
注意欠陥, ちゅういけっかん
Medicine term
attention deficit
注意文言, ちゅういもんごん
warning message, warning label
注意表示, ちゅういひょうじ
warning label
閲覧注意, えつらんちゅうい
viewer discretion advised, not safe for work, NSFW
追突注意, ついとつちゅうい
Expression, in road surface markings, signage, etc.
keep the distance, beware of the car in front of you
合流注意, ごうりゅうちゅうい
Expression, in road surface markings, etc.
(beware of) merging traffic
割れ物注意, われものちゅうい
Fragile, Handle With Care
前方不注意, ぜんぽうふちゅうい
not watching where one is driving, not keeping one's eyes on the road
注意人物, ようちゅういじんぶつ
person requiring special attention, person to be wary of, person under (police) surveillance, dangerous person
大雨注意, おおあめちゅういほう
storm warning
注意を促す, ちゅういをうながす
Expression, Godan verb
to call a person's attention (to)
注意を怠る, ちゅういをおこたる
Expression, Godan verb
to be off one's guard