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法案, ほうあん
bill (law), measure
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法案審議, ほうあんしんぎ
discussion, debate (on a piece of legislation)
対決法案, たいけつほうあん
controversial legislation
法案提出, ほうあんていしゅつ
presentation of a draft bill (to parliament, diet, etc.)
関連法案, かんれんほうあん
Law term
related bill
重要法案, じゅうようほうあん
Law term
important bill, key bill
法案提出権, ほうあんていしゅつけん
the right to submit a bill (draft law) to parliament
私擬憲法案, しぎけんぽうあん
private constitutional drafts prepared before the adoption of the Meiji Constitution in 1889