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, はく
1. counter for nights of a stay
Obscure term
2. overnight stay, lodging
まる, , とまる
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to stay at (e.g. hotel)
2. to be docked, to be berthed, to be moored
宿, しゅくはく
Takes suru
accommodation, lodging
める, とめる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to give shelter to, to lodge, to put up, to accommodate
, 1, いっぱく
Takes suru, May take 'no'
stopping one night
まり, , とまり
1. overnight stay, stopover
2. inn, hotel
3. anchorage
See 泊まり番・とまりばん, Abbreviation
4. night duty
, 碇, ていはく
Takes suru
anchorage, anchoring, mooring
, 淡白, 澹, たんぱく
NA-adjective, Antonym: 濃厚・1
1. light (color, colour, taste), simple, plain
2. frank, candid, ingenuous, indifferent
まり込み, り込み, とまりこみ
staying somewhere (overnight) due to circumstances
まり, 寝, ねとまり
Takes suru
staying the night, lodging (at)
, がいはく
Takes suru
staying somewhere else (overnight), spending the night away (e.g. from home), going home (e.g. from hospital) for the night, sleepover
まり込む, り込む, とまりこむ
Godan verb, Intransitive
to stay overnight, to stop (e.g. at a hotel)
, かはく
Takes suru
emergency anchoring
, やはく
Takes suru
night mooring
, はくち
anchorage, berth
, びょうはく
Takes suru
, みんぱく
private residence temporarily taking lodgers
, えんぱく
Takes suru
extending stay (somewhere)
, らいはく
Takes suru
coming to stay over, coming to spend the night
, ふはく
no-show (at hotel)
, ぜんぱく
Takes suru, See 後泊・こうはく
spending one night ahead (e.g. at a hotel near the airport the night before catching a flight), spending the night before
, れんぱく
Takes suru
staying for two or more nights in a row (e.g. at a hotel)
, こうはく, あとはく
Takes suru, See 前泊・ぜんぱく
staying an extra night (e.g. after attending an event)
, ひょうはく
Takes suru
roaming, drifting about, wandering
, きゅうはくじょ
temporary quarters
宿, しゅくはくさき
lodging host, lodging place
り客, とまりきゃく
overnight guest, house guest
り賃, とまりちん
hotel charges, tariff
, ひょうはくしゃ
宿, しゅくはくにん
lodger, boarder, paying guest
宿, しゅくはくじょ
lodgings, quarters
宿, しゅくはくりょう
hotel charges
梁山, りょうざんぱく
place of assemblage for the bold and ambitious
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