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気は, きはこころ
it's the thought that counts
気は確か, きはたしか
Expression, NA-adjective
in one's senses, sane
気はない, 気は無い, きはない
Expression, after a verb
not feeling like doing ..., having no mind to ..., being in no mood for ..., having no intention of ...
気は損気, たんきはそんき
Expression, Proverb
haste makes waste, anger and haste hinder good counsel
気はつらつ, 元気溌剌, げんきはつらつ
NA-adjective, yojijukugo
full of energy, full of liveliness, full of pep
気は持ちよう, 気は持ち様, きはもちよう
Expression, Idiomatic expression
Everything depends on how you look at it
気ハンマー, くうきハンマー
pneumatic hammer
気迫がない, 気魄がない, 気はくがない, きはくがない
lacking spirit, vigour (vigor)
空気バネ, 空気ば, 空気発条, くうきバネ, くうきばね
air suspension, air spring
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