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, し
Suffix, Honorific or respectful
1. Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss
2. clan
3. he, him
4. counter for people
, うじ
1. family name, lineage, birth
Suffix, See 氏・し・2
2. clan
, どうし
1. the said person, he, she
2. same surname
, しめい, うじな
(full) name, identity
, りょうし
both persons
, げんじ
1. Genji (the character in the Genji Monogatari)
2. the Minamoto family
, しぞく
May take 'no'
clan, family
, かれし
See 彼女・かのじょ・2
1. boyfriend
Pronoun, See 彼・かれ・1, Familiar language, Humorous term
2. he, him
, せっし
See 摂氏温度, See セ氏, See 華氏, Abbreviation
Celsius, centigrade
, セし
See セ氏温度, See 摂氏, See カ氏, Abbreviation
Celsius, centigrade
, うじこ
Shinto term
shrine parishioner
, せいし
full name, family name
, へいし
See 平家・へいけ・1
Heike family, Taira family
, しょし
(all of) you or them
, うじひと
person of blood lineage, clan member
, とうし
Fujiwara family
, とうじ, とじ
chief brewer at a sake brewery
, がいし
the said person, the target (person)
, うじぶみ
ancient clan record (incl. their origins, their achievements, etc.)
, あやうじ
Aya clan
, の上, , , うじのかみ
head of a clan
, 月支, げっし
Yuezhi, Rouzhi, an ancient Central Asian people
, しぬ
Godan verb, Intransitive, See 死ぬ・1, Humorous term, Slang
to die
, しょうし
Shō clan (royal family of the Ryukyu Kingdom)
, かいし
change of one's surname
, おれし
Pronoun, Internet slang, Humorous term
I, me
, れっし
See 列氏温度, Abbreviation
Réaumur temperature scale, degrees Réaumur
子札, うじこふだ
charm for shrine visitors
子帳, うじこちょう
shrine visitors' register
失名, しつめいし
unknown person
無名, むめいし
anonymous person, a nobody
素性, 素姓, うじすじょう
(a person's) family background, lineage
東漢, 倭漢, やまとのあやうじ
Yamato no Aya clan
, げんじぼし
See リゲル, Astronomy term
Rigel (star in the constellation Orion), Beta Orionis, Beta Ori, Genji star
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