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死ぬ, しぬ
Conjugated: 死んだ
Godan verb, Irregular nu verb, Intransitive
1. to die, to pass away
2. to lose spirit, to lose vigor, to look dead
3. to cease, to stop
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死んだふり, 死んだフリ, 死んだ振り, しんだふり, しんだフリ
Takes suru
playing dead, feigning death, playing possum
死んだも同然, しんだもどうぜん
as good as dead, might as well be dead, more dead than alive
死んだ魚の目, しんださかなのめ
Expression, Idiomatic expression
empty eyes, thousand-yard stare, blank glaze, expressionless look, eyes of a dead fish
死んだ子の年を数える, しんだこのとしをかぞえる
Expression, Proverb
crying over spilt milk, counting the age of one's dead child