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, 唄, 詩, うた
Only 歌, Only 唄, 唄 is primarily used for shamisen songs
1. song
See 短歌
2. classical Japanese poetry (esp. tanka)
Only 詩
3. modern poetry
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1. indicates sentence subject (occasionally object)
2. indicates possessive (esp. in literary expressions)
3. but, however, still, and
after the volitional form of a verb
4. regardless of, whether (or not)
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うまい, 上手い, 美味い, 旨い, 巧い, 甘い, 美い
Usually in kana, esp. 上手い,巧い
1. skillful, skilful, clever, expert, wise, successful
esp. 旨い,美味い,甘い
2. delicious, appetizing, appetising, tasty
esp. 旨い
3. fortunate, splendid, promising
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右舞, うまい, うぶ
variety of court dance (Nara period)
Auxiliary adjective, expresses judgement based on evidence, reason or trustworthy hearsay
1. seeming ..., appearing ...
Suffix, after a noun, adverb or adj. stem
2. -ish, like a ..., typical of ..., appropriate for ..., becoming of ..., worthy of the name ...
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